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Heat Recovery Chillers for Gas Usage Reduction- Mike Smid

June 28th—Heat Recovery Chillers for Gas Usage Reduction – Mike Smid

Chillers remove heat from the building and dump that heat outside via a cooling tower or an air-cooled condenser. Then somewhere else in the building… at the exact same time… a gas fired boiler or water heater is turning on to heat domestic water, a swimming pool, or even a different room of that same building that is running cooling. Seems wasteful, right? Well, it is. What if there was a way to use that waste heat from the chiller to heat something else instead of expelling it outside? Well, there is a well-established solution for this dilemma called a Heat Recovery or Heat Reclaim Chiller. Join us on this month’s webinar to understand how these systems work and where they can be applied.


June 28, 202310:00 am-11:00 am