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Small Business Program Announcement

As a result of very high participation in the Small Midsize Business program so far this year, Peoples Gas began waitlisting applications received after April 23 for the 2024 program year.

Thank you for your partnership in the Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency programs.

We will be closely monitoring program savings and funding and will communicate with you if there is an opportunity to take projects off the waitlist in the coming months. If new applications cannot be processed during the 2024 program year, we will ask that a new 2025 program application be submitted once available. The program team remains dedicated to working with you to complete the pipeline of projects and applications we have already received for 2024.

The North Shore Gas Small Midsize Business program offers similar measures and incentives. Our Energy Efficiency Advisors are eager to work with you to identify customers for participation in the North Shore Gas service territory. Additionally, other Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency programs are still accepting applications and we are here to assist you and our customers in taking advantage of available incentives.

If you are interested in participating in the North Shore Gas Small Midsize Business program, please contact Jeff Jordan at or by cell at 708-821-8960.

Thank you again for your partnership and efforts to help customers save energy and money through our energy efficiency programs.

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2024 Program Applications

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