People's Gas Energy Efficiency Program and North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program

Meet Luis Ortiz

"I have 18 years of experience in this industry. I enjoy the diversity it offers. Each day presents new challenges to solve and unique interactions with customers, ensuring that no two days are ever the same."


Luis is part of the Outside Sales Team for Able Distributors.


Luis has dedicated 18 years to the energy efficiency industry. He finds fulfillment in the daily variety the job offers and values the training opportunities that have paved the way for his career growth.

Learn how a career in energy efficiency helped Luis achieve his professional and personal goals.

The field of energy efficiency is growing faster than ever.
If you’re looking for a career change or new job,
Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas can help.

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  • Join an industry where you make a difference for people and the environment.
  • Take advantage of a free career coach and energy efficiency training to help you find a job.
  • Engage with a purpose-built software platform comprised of 100+ nonprofit programs and employers to discover the right job for you.


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